Car alarms-CL-78011

Car alarms-CL-78011

1st, has controls the type police sound choice pressed key straight, which wants to use to press directly, wanted to trade the sound to be possible to cut fast, avoids sound
2 which sent out does not want, designing 6 second state guest to press a key alone (steam shistle loudspeaker pressed key's underneath), only need press the state guest to clear the way the sound to be possible to make a sound automatically for 6 seconds, 6 seconds later the automatic stopping (for example wanted to stop being possible ahead of time according to a steam shistle loudspeaker then), the use was convenient, completely obviously the state guest cleared the way demeanor
3, true independent duplex sound track 50W-300W output.
4, the belt double sound and the reverberation function, may simultaneously make 2 warning sounds, may also, in does not interrupt the warning in the situation to use the steam shistle loudspeaker, simulation motorcade effect
5, the belt 4 street lights control, may the positive governing warning light's switch, facilitate the operation, facilitates the line, avoids Che Neizai putting the switch
This aircraft other characteristics:
Three kind of pattern work: The tone pattern, the double sound pattern, mix the sound pattern
Alert tone:
Steam shistle loudspeaker
Independent pressed key: 6 second state guest
But long-term usage:
Tone pattern: The state guest clears the way, the fire prevention, the public security (110)
Double sound pattern: The state guest clears the way, the fire prevention, the public security (110)
Mixes the sound pattern: The fire + public security, the public security + fire prevention, rescues

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